Verizon Cell Phones, Prepaid Cell Phones, At&T Cell Phones

Thanks to the internet, we can now shop online. Whether you are looking for clothes or Verizon cell phones, you can now find them on the internet and at a lower price too!

If you intend to buy prepaid cell phones from Verizon or AT&T, you will have to do a little research to ensure you are getting the best value for your dollar. offers a number of Verizon cell phones including reviews of features and prices for each one to help you choose the best deal.

Many Verizon customers prefer LG and Samsung phones because of the better quality. Of course, Motorola, and Audiovox are also good but if you want it cheap and convenient, then the other two brands are your best bet.

If you are a new customer, you can get Verizon cell phones at discounted prices. You can get them at or from any Verizon wireless shop. When you go purchase the cell phones, you will easily determine that not everyone get the discounted prices unless they sign up for a 2 year contract. Those customers who have had their Verizon cell phones for more than 22 months are eligible for a new 2 year program. This means that they can purchase their prepaid cell phones at a discounted rate like new customers in addition to the $100 credit off the phone. I say that’s a really good deal.

Now say you have just signed up with Verizon and you need a new cell phone because you broke yours or lost it. When you go back to a store, the sales person will probably tell you “sorry not eligible” for upgrade. This is true in most cases but if you’ve had your phone for over 1 year, then you are eligible. Unfortunately, there are a lot of conditions you will need to agree to in order to get the upgrade. Sometimes, you will forfeit your $100 credit, you might have to sign for a 2 year contact at $59.99 or higher or that’s the last time you can have an early upgrade. Verizon cell phones cost around $250 or more if you get it from the shop. You can get a cheaper phone, but chances are, they are big, bulky and ugly. So what should you do?  Go back to and buy a phone – that’s what!

A good price range for non camera Verizon cell phones is between $40 to $100. Camera phones can be bought from $40 to $200 depending on the quality and age of the phone. Of course, to know which phone fits your lifestyle, it is best that you read user reviews. Make sure you get really good close-ups of the phone you are buying so you can see how you can navigate the phone.

Just because you want a high end cell phone doesn’t mean you should break the bank! When you have to go to, you can now save on cell phone costs and get the best quality, too!


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